History - Mission - Valor

History - Mission - Valor

Germany was founded in 1991 by its current directors. Its founders, since young, already worked as employees in major companies in the segment, and since then idealized a new conception of work. Visionaries of a great mission of entrepreneurship, had as their sole objective: to build a company to meet needs and bring quality solutions to the market. Since its implementation, the Company has focused on improvement, offering solutions, reliability and quality in the services offered. Germany Bearings products are highly selected and qualified, sourced from national and international suppliers through their own imports. It offers all bearing housings for a wide range of existing and produced machines and equipment, especially for the agricultural, industrial, rail, mining and high precision segments. The company designs and produces special bearings for the entire steel line.


Offer bearing and component solutions for mechanical dynamic systems with technical competence, agility and quality, seeking the customer's permanent respect for people and the environment.



To be a reference in the bearings and components sector for mechanical dynamic systems for excellence in service and commitment to the development of employees, customers and suppliers.


Dedication to everything you do, accept challenges and take positive care, have confidence and commitment to results, quality in customer relationships, collaborators with proactive skills taken with competence and responsibility, improvement and innovation with social and environmental responsibility, seek customer satisfaction through a warm and effective service with technical expertise and differentiated products